This is the second album from the Norwegian duo aire & angels. Only a grand piano and Siri Gjære’s vocals are used in this music, which nevertheless displays a striking fullness and warmth alongside its intriguing nakedness and transparency. Moving on from their 1999 debut recording focusing on 17th Century poets, the duo now has created music to poems by Rupert Brooke (1887 - 1915), as well as some of Siri’s own writing.

aire & angels sets out to merge solid songwriting and heartfelt lyricism with the looseness and freedom of improvisation. On this album, the priority on melodic content and simple-yet-subtle arrangements is taken even further than the last time. Echoes of jazz phrasing are still essential, but they are subordinate to the songs - and to the mellow qualities of Siri’s unique voice.

Both Siri Gjære and Tord Gustavsen are experienced young professionals, participating on various cds, and per­forming at a wide variety of festivals, jazz clubs and concert halls throughout Norway and Europe. Siri has her own full band solo project on Bergland Productions (listen to the critically acclaimed cd “Love Seriously Damages Health”), as well as the folk-country trio Cricket Club. Tord is about to release his first trio album on the ECM label December 2002. He also works and records with the Silje Nergaard Band, Nymark Collective and other projects featuring Jarle Vespestad, Mats Eilertsen, Kenneth Ekornes, Peter Asplund, Magnus Lindgren, Simon Flem Devold and others.

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